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Posted on Sep 4, 2011 in FitnessPick Up SoccerSoccer Fit

How is a Soccer Fit adult group fitness class different than “Pick-Up” soccer?

by Soccer Fit Coach Dan Stratford

After the Soccer Fit class I taught today I spotted a pick up soccer game across the street. It looked like they had an odd number of players so I asked if they could use another player and they said “sure!”.

Turns out it was the Denver Street Soccer Group and I was able to put a face with name Eric Fulton of FC Denver who was there. I also got to meet Brandon Sejera who I think is one of the people who run the Denver Street Soccer group. If you are looking to play some pickup soccer find them on Facebook b y searching “Denver Street Soccer” in the Facebook search bar.

I played for about an hour, and had a great time. I strongly recommend it for anyone looking to play some pick-up soccer. This group of guys and gals was very encouraging and welcoming.

Pick-up soccer is quite a bit different than our Soccer Fit group fitness classes. If you want to play pick-up or league soccer, I recommend joining Soccer Fit in addition to pick-up and/or league play because it will help you get in shape, improve your skills and help you enjoy playing soccer more.

Compared to Pick-up soccer games, Soccer Fit is a much more intense hour of fitness with the ball. At the end of class you will be very tired and will have burned more calories because you will have a coach pushing you and challenging you the whole time. Since you have a ball during nearly all of the Soccer Fit classes you will get many more touches on the ball than you will have in a pick-up soccer match, which will help you improve your touch.

At the end of a Soccer Fit class in just an hour I burn over 1,000 calories and feel completely spent. I have lost 14 pounds over the last 2 months mostly teaching classes, which helped me enjoy the pick-up game today much more than I would have back in June.

Conversely; there is a different kind of intensity involved in a pick-up game or league play that you will not get in a Soccer Fit group fitness class. While we mimic some game situations during our fitness class, since we do not scrimmage you will not get the spontaneous mental and physical pressure you get by playing against another player or team.

The non-contact nature of Soccer Fit also means you are as likely to get hurt as you would be in any other group fitness class-which is about a zero. Your chances of injury in a game or pick-up increases significantly-especially if you are like me and have a hard time playing at only 80-90%%! Having stated that; when I played pick-up with the Denver Street Soccer group the group was pretty laid back and while we bumped into each other a few times it I felt pretty comfortable that I would not be injured. Being 44 years of age and having had 4 ACL reconstructive knee surgeries (2 on each knee) this is a concern for me.

One thing I enjoy about the Soccer Fit classes is that I can get fit doing something I enjoy without re-injuring one of my knees.

If you are up for it I recommend you play in pick-up games and league soccer if it fits into your schedule and you are not prone to injuries like I am. Taking a  Soccer Fit class 2-3 times a week will significantly improve your fitness level, skill level, reduce your chance of injury and increase your enjoyment playing in pick-up soccer and/or soccer league play. Adding Soccer Fit to your soccer league or pick-up games 1-2 times a week will also improve your overall fitness and skill level.

If you are looking to play pick-up soccer don’t forget to check out Denver Street Soccer at this link: Denver Street Soccer Facebook Page

Of course you can always signup for our Soccer Fit classes at our Meetup page here: Soccer Fit group fitness.

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