Soccer Fit was dreamed and developed by Brent “Zico” Ward & Dan Stratford in the fall of 2007.

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They realized that a well designed workout with a soccer ball provides fun, challenging, intense, healthy and excellent all-round conditioning benefits for adults just as step, boot camp, running, spinning and other fitness programs have been doing for years.

Learning how to go up and down stairs, running in circles or spinning to nowhere does not compare to having fun while learning and improving soccer skills.

And who doesn’t want soccer legs like Italy’s Maldini & Brazil’s Romario?

After years of witnessing all ages and all levels of soccer players, they realized many soccer players have two things in common: they want to improve their fitness levels and they want to improve their soccer skills so they can have fun and success playing soccer.

Of course different levels of players have different needs:

  • • Youth soccer players (14 and under) certainly need to learn how to push themselves physically, but most importantly they desire to gain confidence with the ball so they can enjoy playing the game and begin to move up the ranks of competitive (or sometimes not so competitive) soccer.
  • • Soccer players preparing for high school varsity or college soccer need intense levels of fitness training so that when they show up to their first week of training with their school they are leading the pack rather than struggling to keep up, and they have their touch before they step on the practice field that first day
  • Adult soccer players: There are an increasing number of adults who see soccer as a great way to get and stay fit from 18 to 70+ years young, but they also realize that playing soccer only once or twice a week or less will make them prone to injuries and hinder their enjoyment of the sport. With Soccer Fit programs we can help beginning and intermediate adult players significantly increase their confidence and soccer skills while losing weight and improving their fitness level. Even the experienced adult soccer player can improve their fitness and their touch in this type of training program.
  • • Soccer Coaches: If you have children, there is is a good chance you will be asked to coach or help out in some way with your little boy’s or girl’s soccer team. Soccer Fit adult programs are an ideal way for you to learn the skills you need to be teaching your young soccer players. After decades of experience coaching young kids we know from experience that showing is even better than just being able to tell kids how to play soccer with skill.

Last but not least: We realized that Soccer Fit training and playing soccer accomplishes most of the goals people want to accomplish when they are trying to live a healthier lifestyle through other types of fitness programs:

  • • Have Fun
  • • Look Good
  • Aerobic Conditioning
  • Anaerobic Conditioning
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Traning
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Lower cholesterol

…but with Soccer Fit you get to have fun, get fit and learn an actual skill!

So what what are your Soccer Fit goals?

I want to get fit and stay fit while improving my soccer skills: Adult Soccer Fit Training

I need to dominate my competition in high school, college or the pros: Intense Soccer Fit HS & College Prep

I need to work on my soccer skills: Private soccer lessons

I have a group of adults or kids for whom I need some training: Custom Soccer Fit

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