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Tuesdays, 12-1pm
Arapahoe Sports Center
7300 South Fraser Street
Centennial, CO 80112

Fridays, 12:15-1:15pm
    Apex Field House
5724 Oak Street
Arvada, CO 80002

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About Soccer Adult Group Fitness Classes:

A Unique Soccer Based Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Program for Adults that will:denver-soccer-group-fitness

• Provide a fun and challenging workout for all levels of soccer players & non-soccer players.
• Improve your soccer skills: improve your ability to play soccer and teach soccer if you coach kids
Strengthen and tone your whole body.
Help you lose weight.
Improve your agility and balance.
Develop and improve your soccer skills.
Help you avoid the week-end warrior injury caused by playing soccer, kickball, Frisbee, volleyball, softball and other sports only once a week or less.

Soccer Fit is a fun and challenging workout that includes strength training, core, abs, plyometrics, agility, balance and more…

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One of the number one reasons people quit an exercise program is because they are bored with it or cannot get motivated. Soccer Fit trainers help you avoid the boredom and keep you motivated because you will have fun learning and improving a skill, not just spinning, running or stepping in circles. Soccer Fit will increase your level of fun playing in a soccer league, playing pick up soccer or playing soccer with your kids.

Heck-you may even decide to join a pickup game at the park on a whim with your new found soccer prowess!

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Strengthen and Tone Your Whole Body

Soccer players are known for having great legs like dancers, because they develop every muscle on their lower body, not just isolated quad, calve or hamstring exercises. We help you develop soccer legs along with some upper body toning so you look and feel balanced and healthy.

And when the fat rolls off you may be able to actually see the six pack behind your mid section!

Improve your agility and balance

Getting Soccer Fit does not only help you become a better soccer player, but it helps you improve your overall balance, agility and coordination. Many professional football, basketball, tennis, lacross and other professional athletes have soccer to thank for helping them become a better overall athlete.

Who knows-you may even prevent a fruit from being bruised after it rolls off the counter by catching it gently with your foot before it hits the ground! catch that piece of fruit before it hits the ground

Develop and improve your soccer skills

We teach and motivate you to get fit and to learn how to improve your soccer skills.

Whether you are playing in a soccer league during the week or on week-ends, coaching soccer, playing with your kids or playing in pick-up games at the local park: you will have a lot more fun and success when you are Soccer Fit.

Running, cycling, spinning, stepping or boot camping won’t do this for you!

Avoid the week-end warrior injury caused by only playing soccer 2-4 times a month.

Nobody’s body responds well to occasional sprints, hopping, jumping, power bursts or cutting. This is why week-end warriors regularly get nagging and serious injuries that put them on crutches or put their arms in slings.The older and/or more overweight you get, the more likely you are get injured by not training properly for intense activities.

If you want to play soccer in a league you need to train your body so that you can continue to play. If all you do is play socer once a week you increase your chances of being hurt significantly.

Soccer Fit will help you train your body to play soccer thereby reducing the chance of injury playing soccer and even other sports. Running & biking will not work muscles and joints you need to work to avoid injuries playing soccer, basketball, flag football and many other training denver

When are soccer fit classes?
(We have been running Soccer Fit classes since 2007.)

Class locations and times can be found on our scheduling site:

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