Soccer Fit get Fit/Stay Fit Group Fitness FAQsdenver fitness question

We have had such a huge response to Soccer Fit’s Get Fit Stay Fit Group Fitness program we decided to post our FAQs here.Most of these are from actual emails and conversations with new Soccer Fit members…

Question: Who participates in Soccer Fit classes?

Answer: Adults of all ages who want to get fit & stay fit. Soccer players and non-soccer players, young adults, college aged adults, twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings, forty-somethings, fifty+ somethings, soccer moms and dads–truly any age adult who wants to get and stay fit!denver-soccer-group-fitness-ymca

Question: Do I need special gear?

Answer: Absolutely not! Many soccer players around the world play soccer barefoot, however we recommend comfortable exercise clothes and sneakers. If you feel the need to bust out your soccer shoes, cleats and/or shin guards that’s cool too! Of course when we go indoors at places like the YMCA, court-friendly shoes are required

Question: How intense are the classes?

Answer: Like most fitness classes, you can workout at your skill and fitness level. Of course you need to make sure your doctor says it’s ok for you to run, jump, hop, cut, etc. Coach Dan burns about 4-600 calories while teaching the class, and he burns about 1,100 when he takes this class. So you will definitely get a workout!zico-denver group fitness

Question: Who teaches the Soccer Fit classes?

Answer: Our Soccer Fit coach/trainers are ex-collegiate level and ex-pro level soccer players each with 20+ playing and/or coaching experience. You can read more about our current staff: Tito Zico, Dan & Tyler on our Soccer Fit website on this page: Soccer Fit Coaches.

Question: Where and when are the Soccer Fit classes?

Answer: Soccer Fit classes are held outdoors March through October in various parks around the Denver metro area. With our new partnership with the YMCA we will be offering classes in their gyms both Downtown and in their Littleton location. More locations to come soon.

Question: Is there convenient parking at the YMCA locations?

Answer: Yes. The Littleton location has convenient on-site parking, and the downtown Denver location offers free parking within a block of their facilities.

Click here for our class schedule times and locations.

Question: Can advanced soccer players come to the Soccer Fit Adult Group Fitness classes?

Answer: Yes. Advanced We offer more advanced classes for high school, collegiate and amateur players, but even advanced players will learn and benefit from Soccer Fit Adult Group Fitness classes.Soccer Fit Intense Legs

Question: My wife and I are very interested in joining the soccer fitness class for this summer. I have been playing soccer for a while and do pickup games about twice a month. But my wife is a soccer newbie and has never played on a team, will she be a good fit if we were to join the adult soccer fit program

Answer: It is truly designed so that your different skill levels and different fitness levels benefit from the same class and you will both find it challenging and fun.

As we progress from “simple” to more “complex” during a class with the soccer skill work, the lesser skilled people or beginners spend a little more time “learning” during the 45 seconds of ball work, and they experience more intense work during the “off the ball” work. As your skill improves (or if you are already intermediate or advanced) you get a more intense workout with the ball, and your less intense/recovery time becomes more during the off the ball work.

Question: I was wondering what skill level this course is geared towards.  Are most participants serious soccer players or more recreational players?

Answer: Our classes work for the beginner to advanced player. About half of our participants do not play soccer, and the ones that do play soccer enjoy improving their skills, fitness, playing ability and skills with our classes.denver boot camp fitness

If you are a very competitive player or aspiring to be one then this is a good way to keep your touch and stay fit in-between our intense soccer fit programs we run seasonally.

Question: I have experience playing soccer but have not worked out in over 18 years which was when I was diagnosed with lupus. I greatly miss my soccer playing days and would like to get fit enough to play in an adult recreational league. On the other hand, my wife’s only experience with soccer is when we attended a recent Colorado Rapids match. Which class would be best for me and which would be best for her?

Answer: This program would be great for the both of you. Like many group fitness classes we make sure we have “low-impact/skill” versions and “high impact/skill” versions of each exercise. Even as an ex-pro player I find it challenging to do some of the exercises. It would likely be something you could enjoy together.

Question: The classes Soccer Fit provides are exactly what I’ve been craving since college.  A way to get back to guided soccer training, instead of pick up and adult leagues, so I can be more fit and have less risk of injury. Are these classes new?

Answer: We have had a loyal following for 3 years, but recently have expanded our membership from a handful to over 100 in Denver. You will never get bored with our ever changing and evolving training denver

Questions: My husband and I are interested in purchasing this program for each of us. He’s an advanced level player; I’ve never played before; do you have a program that’s appropriate for people who have never played soccer before but would like to learn now, in their 30s?

Answer: Like many group fitness classes we make sure we have “low-impact/skill” versions and “high impact/skill” versions of each exercise. Both beginner and advanced players will get a great workout and learn and improve soccer skills.

Question: My husband already plays in two leagues during the week, on top of two leagues on Sundays. So he’s wondering how he could work evening workouts into that.

Answer: If he is doing that year-round it may be a bit much. If in-between seasons he would like to maintain and improve his “touch”, then this would be a good ting for him. I think that it would be a good thing for you to do more regularly, for him in-between seasons or occasionally during his seasons.

It would also be a cool thing for you to do together-especially as you get better. Who knows, maybe you will end up playing coed with him someday!