Intense Soccer Fit

2013 High School, College, Amateur & Professional Player Soccer Training Program

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Stay Sharp Program:

This class goes for 2 hours a day for 2 days a week in-between soccer seasons.

• Build up to the Intense Soccer Fit fitness week-long pre-season camps.
• Work on your touch, your ball control, your dribbling, passing and finishing skills.
• Have a good time getting the kinks and the rust out for soccer season.

Intense Soccer Fit Training Camp

Warning: this is a tough class for serious players who want to reach their peak soccer fitness level. You must get approval from one of our staff coaches to attend this class.

Many players show up for their first week of high school, college or professional soccer camp to get into shape. Doesn’t it make more sense to show up at the head of the pack as one of the most fit players on the field?

What could it mean to you to show up super Soccer Fit and at the head of the pack?

• Trying to earn a starting spot on the team? It can only help that while others may be puking, you will be impressing.
• You should know by now that when fatigue steps in, skill steps out. Professional players like Landon Donavon know this and train hard so they are still going strong towards the end of the game while others are watching them run by.
• You will have the edge you need to play with more focus and intensity.

How is the Intense Soccer Fit week formatted?

• The first 20 minutes of each day will be spent warming up with the ball.
• The last 20 minutes will be a cool down and scrimmage.
• The middle 80 minutes will be very intense activities with and without the ball that will not only push you aerobically & anaerobically, but build your strength, power and explosiveness on the soccer field.
• As the week progresses we will transition from less time with the ball during the “Intense middle 80” to more time with the ball.

Summer Soccer Fit 2013 Training Schedules:

We will be running multiple training sessions throughout the Denver metro area during the week of July 26th.

For information on our Intense Soccer Fit training programs call Dan Stratford at 720-432-7556.