Private Soccer Lessons in the Denver Metro Area

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Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes “permanent”.

Would you like to significantly improve your soccer skills in a short amount of time?

One on one coaching sessions will enable you to quickly:

  • • Improve dribbling, shooting, passing and ball control.
  • • Learn advanced dribbling moves.
  • • Break bad habits.
  • • Learn new skills you can practice on your own.
  • • Prepare for tryouts.

The focused, repetitive, reinforced and intense training with one of our coaches one on one will significantly improve your soccer technique in the shortest time possible.

During the one hour session your player will work on a specific skill or skills with an experienced and skillful coach. They will have about 20 times the amount of interaction with the coach than they would have from a coach in a team setting. You will see your soccer skills improve dramatically over just a few weeks. The coach will also give you activities you can do on your own to further improve and reinforce your advanced soccer skills.

Prices (prices may not include substantial drive time):

1 to 2 players: $75/hour

Each additional player: $5/hour

Purchase 4 Lesson Package for 5% Off

Purchase 8 Lessons in Advance for 10% Off

Team Camp Prices: Call for pricing.

Contact us today to learn more about our Denver private soccer lessons and to schedule a session at a convenient location call Zico at 720-364-9022.