We could show you videos of coaches, pros and ex-pros doing the fakes and moves we teach to our young and not so young players, but why not show you videos of Denver area youth soccer players 8 years and under doing them?

People are always surprised at how young kids can be when they learn advanced moves. When I (coach Dan Stratford) saw my 2 year old son (Tyler Stratford now 26 years of age) mimicking with perfection the advanced dribbling skills training session I was giving to 12 year olds one day I was convinced!

Since that day in the early 1990s I have not hesitated to teach these moves to young kids (as young as “1”) to build there confidence and help them become impressive soccer players.

Here are some videos of recent students who have learned these moves at one of our practice sessions or soccer camps
1-U6 Player Demos Rivellino Soccer Football Moves Fakes and Moves

2-U8 Player Demos Rivellino

3-U8 Player Demos Rivelino Soccer Move Football Fake and Move

4-U6 Player Demos Scissors

5-U8 Player (Eva) Demos Scissors and Rivellino

6-U8 Soccer Skills Cut Move & Rivellino Combo

7-U6 Player Demos Puskas – Pull Back and Go Move

8-U8 Soccer Skills Dribbling Puskas/Cut Combo

9-U8 Soccer Skills Dribbling Puskas/Cut Combo

10-U8 Girl Soccer Player Demos Maradona Move 5 Minutes Into The Learning Process
Coach Dan JUST taught Eva the Maradona-and she is getting dizzy as she practices!

11-U8 Combo Soccer Move – Pull Push Behind, Pull Back & V
Eva demos 3 bottom of the foot moves in a row after learning them in the Soccer Fit Summer Soccer Camp

12-U8 Soccer Dribbling Skills Cut Cruyff & Rivellino Combos

13-U8 Player demos in-out Matthews Soccer dribbling move

14-Soccer Move Demo’d by Mel – Pull Hop Forward Push Behind

15-10 Year Old Libby Demos The Rivelino

16-Mariah Just Learned and Demonstrates The Matthews Soccer Move

17-Outside Beckenbauer Soccer Move Demo’d By Lucy

18-Maradona Demo’d by 10 Year Old Mel

19-The “V” Move Demo’d by Lucy

20-Cut-Cut Move Demo’d by Lucy

21-Pull-Back Move Demonstrated by Hanna